How it works

Explore any thing you need

Spot works on making you life much easier to find what you need with the best price in the least time 
Search between a lot of different services, variety of restaurants, and upcoming events around you

Spot the best

Choose the best service that fits you with the best price you see and request it from the service provider and maybe you will answer some questions to make it easier to provide you with the service, the provider will respond within 12 hours, once he accept an order will be scheduled with the date and time you choose in the request and once it is done you can review each otherFor the restaurant you can choose date and time with the table category, and once the restaurant confirm your visit you can find it scheduled in your dashboard with all the needed info about the restaurant  

Become a partner

If you have a service that you provide that is in our categories list we will be glad to become a service provider in our website and make more money, along with being a spotter to enjoy other services, restaurant reservations and upcoming events


A Guideline  for Spot’s loyalty points:

Why is it important to earn Spotter points? 

Spot’s loyalty points is the way towards being an elite member at Spot. 

The more points you have the more elite services/promotions you will get exposed to and the higher chances of points redemption. The points redemption starts after a year of being part of spot family and after earning 5000 points. 


How can you generate points at SPOT:

  1. After requesting for a service and paying for it.
  2. After going to a restaurant that was booked through Spot.
  3. Referring to Spot by using your Spot code.
  4. When you review service provider, the service, and the restaurant.
  5. You can earn 5 points for each 50 SAR spent.

 What can be claimed?

After earning 5000 points and being a member for a year at spot, you will be able to redeem your points with any of the services provided in Spot platform.