Refund policy

We, at Spot App, strive to provide excellent customer service and keep our customers’ satisfaction at its best; for both End Users and Service Providers. If you are reading the policy, it means you have come to a disagreement with your service provider. Spot App, as a third-party, enforces the obligations owed to, and the benefits conferred within its terms and conditions. Please read the Refund Policy thoroughly and feel free to contact us should you require any clarifications.

As per our Terms and Conditions Spot App agrees not to pay Service providers for services until after the completion of the project. Spot App agrees to refund the advance amount you paid against the service under the following conditions:


  • The End User acknowledges that services have not been completed as agreed or
  • If you, as End User, and Service provider reasonably dispute the quality or completion of the services provided by such Service provider, and the Conflict Resolution Service indicated that you are the rightful recipient of such funds.
  • If you, as an End User, informed a Service provider of your wish to request a refund and he didn’t respond to you within 3 working days, then we may release the funds back to you; without the need to go back to the Service provider.
  • Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.


If either Service Provider or End User reported a conflict, then both agree that Spot App shall have no payment obligations to any party related to the relevant fees until such conflict is resolved in accordance with Section 7 of ‘Spot App’ Terms and Conditions.

Spot Apps’ obligation to make any payment (less applicable Service Charge) is expressly conditioned upon resolution of all outstanding disputes with respect to such Payment.

Spot App shall keep both Service providers and End users informed as to the status of the Assumed Payment Liability. Please note that multiple refunds attributed to a user will lead to temporary and/or permanent restrictions on their account depending on what we deem appropriate and necessary. And finally, please note that once a project is completed, delivered and confirmed “Job Done”, no refunds of Service fees, already paid, will be given. But before you decide to “Report a Conflict” and request a refund, please consider the following:


  • Report a conflict ONLY if the Service Provider failed to deliver the desired job after AT LEAST TWO REVISIONS.
  • Try to come to a resolution with the Service  before approaching us.
  • Have all your communications with the Service documented as this will help us in resolving the conflict.
  • Try to keep your communication with the Service on Spot Apps’ messaging platform